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Kotomi Shinosaki Blue Toes

Kotomi Shinosaki

Kotomi High Heels

Kotomi Blue Toes

Kotomi takes you through the realms of female foot fetish with her perfectly painted blue toes.

First, gaze at the beauty of her sexy, smooth legs in high heels, then she lets you enjoy the scents, tastes and touch of her feet and toes.

A true work of art, and proof that the Japanese take things seriously.

See More of Kotomi Here

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Perfect Japanese Feet of Sara Yurikawa Give Incredible Footjob

Sara Yurikawa toes

Foot licking

Sara Yurikawa is the girl of your dreams, with a sexy pair of legs that look smokin’ hot in a tight pair of jeans, and the sexiest feet you could hope for in some open toed black high heels. The sight of those perfect Japanese toes is simply too much to handle, and I don’t know why, but it gives the uncontrollable urge to move in close for a sniff.

It’s likely that just the mere scent of this beautiful Japanese girl’s amazing feet will give you an instant erection, and then thankfully, she is very open to the idea of giving you a footjob. In fact, this girl has some incredible skills that will have any guy wishing she could be his girlfriend for life!

Sara Yurikawa Works her Sexy Feet Here


Cum on Aya Kisaki’s Pretty Pink Toes

Aya Kisaki

Aya Kisaki

Cum on feet

Aya Kisaki is an extremely attractive Japanese female who is also very open-minded when it comes to sex. Letting you pleasure yourself atop her pretty pink painted toes is something she is willing to do, and she sees nothing at all wrong with it. It is already extremely boner inducing to see this beauty standing before you in a sexy pair of high heels, but just wait until she takes them off and offers her feet up for you to cum all over them…

Watch Her Erotic Footjob Video Here


Red Toes in Your Mouth Before Footjob

Red Toes

This is what it is all about right here. A sexy Japanese girl who has painted her toes red, and has no qualms about forcing you to sniff and worship her beautiful feet before stuffing those toes directly into your mouth. You can just imagine the pleasure this guy is in, having her feet all over his face while her wet pussy grinds his cock. Her name is Yuma Miyazaki, and you need to watch the way she rewards him with a footjob like you wouldn’t believe! What I wouldn’t give to have a girl like this in my bed every night.


Long legged beauty Mizuki jerks off a cock with her toes

Long legs Mizuki

Uncensored video of beautiful Japanese girl Mizuki showing the many pleasures to be had from her feet, legs, and toes. Crystal clear cinematography here, shot by people who understand the needs of us who have an uncontrollable Asian foot fetish.

Finally, leg sex movies which are shot in Tokyo that allow us to enjoy footjobs with no mosaics over the action. I’ve been crying for a site like this for years which is also open to English speakers, and it seems my prayers have finally been answered with Legs Japan.

Better believe I will be giving them plenty of support from here on out!


Pantyhose footjob from Japanese race queen

Pantyhose footjob

Japanese race queens know the power of their sexy legs and feet, and can often be seen in porn videos giving incredible footjobs to lucky guys. Here we have a sweetie in pantyhose rubbing her feet on a cock right after taking off her hot sweaty high heels. Those toes are still nice and warm as she rubs them over the tip of the cock, and it must take every ounce of concentration not to cum immediately.

I remember one time putting a cute Chinese girl’s red painted toes in my mouth on a hot summer’s evening, and came pretty-much instantly from the rush of it. ‘Telling you…those Asian feet are like candy, and highly addictive. Plenty more footjob and pantyhose movies available at My Race Queens, some with mosaic, some without. Enjoy!

Race Queens


Yui Komine gives wet foot job foreplay with her sexy Asian feet

Japanese footjob

Yui Komine is another one of my favorite Japanese porn actresses. She’s got a nice tight butt, loves anal sex, and best of all…has such cute little Asian feet with sexy painted pink toes. I’ve noticed footjobs becoming an even more common form of foreplay in J-Porn movies these days. That is a good thing for us foot lovers, considering Japanese girls have some of the cutest feet out there!

Spring is here, and the weather is warming up. If you are lucky enough to be in Japan now, you can begin to feast your eyes on all the hotties sporting their open-toed high heels on the streets of every city.

This clip comes from Anal Nippon, and joining the site gives you access to all the other J-Porn sites in the Idols network. If you’re interested in more info, you can check out a review of Idols 69 here.

The site is the only I’ve found so far with a Japanese footjob section.


Koyuki’s Japanese red toes rubbing on cock in footjob heaven

Asian footjob

Watching this video of Koyuki Hara rubbing those perfect Japanese toes…painted sexy red…on this cock is my image of what footjob heaven must be. The best footjobs, in my opinion, are when the girl squeezes your cock tip between her toes like this. Perfect form here from Koyuki, as she slides up and down the shaft, rubbing those lubricated toes all over, making it almost impossible to hold back the cum.

The full video is at My Race Queens


Asian foot licking fetish video with babe from Japan

How many times can I say it? Nobody does Asian foot fetish videos like the Japanese! Thank god there are a lot of feet lovers out there too, and as a result, we can see hot movies like these. Look at how fucking fine this girl is! I’d be willing to pay good money just to lick her feet, and suck on her pretty little toes. I wonder if the lucky actor in this scene actually got paid to do it. That is my dream job. To act in Japanese foot fetish porn videos, and lick those pretty Asian feet all day long.

She tells him in Japanese to lick her soles, and then she tells him to lick her toes too. Then she asks if they taste good. When he says yes, she says, “yeah, they do, don’t they?” I love this girl’s attitude! Not like the girls who freak out when you wanna suck their toes. This hottie actually loves it, and enjoys letting guys clean her sexy feet with their tongue.


This is why I love Asian feet! (Great Video)

I know I may be preaching to the choir here, but there simply is nothing better than a pair of sexy Asian feet! I’ll admit, I’ve seen sexy feet on all girls…Latinas, Black girls, White girls, Indian girls…but in my experience, the highest percentage of perfect ones just happen to be Asian! This blog is a testament to that.

Japanese girls really know how to work it, and there sure are quite a few footjob and toe sucking fetish videos being produced in Japan. But I’ve been seeing some great videos, like the one of above, of cute Asian girls from all over the world showing off their toes and soles for the camera! Whoever posted this vid on YouTube…much respect to you! And much respect to this cute girl for being such a sweetie to show off her pretty feet with no shame. The only thing that sucks is, there’s no sound in the video. No big deal though, as the visuals are what’s important here.

At first, I thought she was Filipina, but the video was tagged Thai, so I guess she’s from Thailand. Either way, wouldn’t you just love to suck on her toes for hours? Man, what I wouldn’t give for a foot job from this cutie.


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