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Runa Mikami will rub her pretty toes on your hard cock

Pretty toes

Runa Mikami, what a sweetie. Paints her pretty toes a nice shiny silver, and then rubs them all over your lubricated cock. These nice Japanese girls just love to get you off with their sexy feet. They know the power that nail polish on pretty Asian toes can have over us. I know my cock gets hard every time I see a hot Japanese girl in her hot open-toed high heels!

Amazing how many porn movies are coming out in Japan lately that include foot jobs. It’s almost becoming a requirement, just like blowjobs before fucking in most porn movies around the world. Well that’s fine with me, cause nothing gets me more in the mood to fuck a cute girl, than a hot lubricated Asian footjob! Imagine Runa Mikami giving your cock some love with her delicious little toes.

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White socks Japanese teen footjob video with cute schoolgirls

Teen footjob

Those long white socks worn by schoolgirls in Japan sure are popular, and there is even a whole foot fetish revolving around their cute cotton socks. Can you imagine them taking those hot feet out of their shoes and rubbing them all over your cock until you cum inside their socks?!

This Japanese teen footjob flick is a video made for those into sockjobs, but there are also incredible scenes of them taking off those socks and rubbing their bare feet on cocks until they explode. Wow, the power of beautiful Asian feet to please never ceases to amaze me!

My only beef with this video is that it has a mosaic, but the rare footage of such cute feet jerking these lucky guys off makes up for that in my opinion. You just don’t find movies like this anywhere on the net, but obscure Japanese and Asian porn flicks like this are a common find inside the huge pay-per-view selection at Sexy Japanese Theater.


Sexy Japanese footjob and facesitting from secretary in fishnets

Japanese footjob

Look at this businessman going insane as a hot secretary rubs her sexy Asian feet all over his body. He turns into a total pervert, even asking her to spit in his mouth…which she gladly does! He’s lost his sense of shame, but can you blame him? Could you really keep your sanity while receiving a footjob from this pretty Japanese woman in sexy fishnets?

I think not. You’d be just like this guy…driven into a state of ecstasy…asking her to sit on your face so you can breath the erotic scent through her pink panties. Just have a look at her pretty pink toes, and imagine them rubbing on your hard cock. She painted those toes just for you, cause she’s knows how sexy her pretty Asian feet look with nail polish on.

The thought of her facesitting me, with those sexy toes rubbing all over drives me absolutely crazy! More thanks to Japan Legs for another hot Japanese footjob gallery. If you like what you see, I recommend their site for the full experience!

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Asami wiggling her pretty painted Asian toes to cool off

Well, it’s been awhile since the last update, but here is a special video I wanted to share. Staring at this footage of a cute Japanese girl named Asami wiggling her feet is hot as hell. This is 5 minutes of pure foot fetish heaven as we get to watch this Asian cutie in glasses, wiggling her pretty painted toes, and relaxing in the summer heat.

She may just be cooling off, but I’ll bet you can feel the heat rushing to your cock right now as you imagine it being squeezed between her pretty toes. That dark shade of Asami’s sexy red nail polish is simply hypnotizing, and I wish she would squeeze my nose mercilessly when I move in for a sniff. Yes, in case you didn’t know already, Japanese girls have truely beautiful feet, and this teen cutie is more proof of that!

I love when we get a nice view of her perfectly smooth Asian soles. Wouldn’t you love to have Asami’s feet rubbing on your face all day long! How often to you get to stare at a pretty pair of Japanese feet for 5 straight minutes? Hey, people who don’t have foot fetish may not understand…but movies like this are like mana from heaven to us!

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Cock teasing Asian footjob from a busty Japanese nympho

Busty Asian Footjob

This busty Japanese girl is a real nympho who’s crazy and horny as fuck. Her sweet pussy is just itching for some loving and she really knows how to get you wanting it too. This Asian babe will rub her naturally huge tits all over your face and you’ll catch a faint whiff of of her sweet perfume when she moves in close…damn, she smells so good…

But then she starts with a cock teasing Asian footjob, just grinding her sexy feet over and over on you until your cock is throbbing so hard, you’re about to burst. She gets on all fours, rubbing her pussy under those hot panties, just begging you to give it to her. She wants it so bad, and you want it too…you’ve just gotta see this whole video at Japan Legs!


Another sockjob movie for the Asian foot fetish fans!


You may find it hard to believe, but here’s another sockjob movie fresh outta Japan, made just for all of us with an insatiable Asian foot fetish! Socks are a popular fetish in Japan, especially on Japanese schoolgirls, and the thought of them rubbing the head of that cock with those sexy toes drives me insane!

Leave it to one of the hottest Japanese foot and pantyhose sites on the net to hook this one up for the English speaking community. They really have a passion for Japanese feet and Asian footjobs, and for that they get my seal of approval!

Watch this cute Asian girl rubbing her small feet on this guy’s cock…giving him a sockjob he won’t forget…damn, I wanna cum all over this girl’s sexy black cotton socks.

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Toe sucking and foot licking with mature Asian woman

toe-suckingThis mature Asian woman will take control of a man in this toe sucking movie. She rubs her sexy Asian feet on his face while he licks between her perfect Japanese toes…

He lays helplessly as a mature MILF hottie sits on his face and forces him to lick her sweet, shaved pussy. Imagine if you were in the same predicament?!

After this Japanese facesitting babe is wet and ready, she puts his dick in her pussy for some real fucking. For those of you who love sexy and mature Asians, I hope you enjoy this one!

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Asian asslicking and sockjob movie with Japanese schoolgirl

asian-asslickingYou guys are gonna thank me for this one…an intense Asian asslicking movie with a Japanese schoolgirl. Also, if you ever dreamed of a footjob from a girl with socks on, this kinky cutie is gonna give you a sockjob too!

Dressed up in her schoolgirl uniform, she looks like just another plain-Jane Japanese girl…but lift that top…and you find this busty Asian has a huge pair of big tits! What’s more, she knows how to use ’em…that’s right, she’ll hook you up with some hot tit fucking fun.

After seeing your cock grow, she wants to suck on it. But to your surprise…in the middle of an intense blowjob, she spreads your legs open, and starts licking your ass! The feeling of her warm soft tongue in your asshole is gonna make you cum, and this Japanese schoolgirl jerks out every last drop with an awesome handjob.

The asslicking was hot, and now are you ready for round 2? This Japanese cutie shaved her Asian pussy just for you, and you know what else she wants right? But first, this schoolgirl’s gonna warm you up with a footjob…and she leaves her warm, cotton socks on for the occasion. Yes, you’re getting a hot sockjob from an Asian schoolgirl in Japan!

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Japanese girl gives 3 jobs – blowjob, handjob, and footjob

japanese blowjobAnother fine Asian foot fetish movie here from Japan Legs. A very cute Japanese girl giving a lucky cock the 3 jobs we all know and love!

Would you let this nice girl from Japan wrap her red lipstick around your cock and give you a blowjob to write home about?

After your cock is all hard and wet with her hot saliva, would you then allow her to teach you about a Japanese handjob? She did her nails up nice for you, just so you can watch as she wraps her sexy hands around your cock, and starts jerking.

But please don’t forget the best job of all…the Asian footjob. This is a special treat she really wants to give you. The pleasure of having her sexy Japanese feet rubbing all over you may be too much for you though…think you can you hold back long enough for another blowjob?

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Cute Asian teen gives a lubed up footjob

asian footjob girlCan you handle this cute Asian teen? What I mean to ask is, can you handle the lubed up footjob she loves giving you?

Didn’t I tell you these Japanese girls are great at giving footjobs, and even enjoy it? Look at the cute smile on this Asian girl’s face as she rubs her sexy lubed up feet all over his cock!

Gotta say that I’ve been noticing more and more foot fetish porn coming out of Japan in the last year or so, especially footjob movies. I’m sure happy about that, since there’s barely any good Asian foot sex movies coming out of America!

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