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Kotomi Shinosaki Blue Toes

Kotomi takes you through the realms of female foot fetish with her perfectly painted blue toes. First, gaze at the beauty of her sexy, smooth legs in high heels, then she lets you enjoy the scents, tastes and touch of her feet and toes. A true work of art, and proof that the Japanese take […]

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Cum on Aya Kisaki’s Pretty Pink Toes

Aya Kisaki is an extremely attractive Japanese female who is also very open-minded when it comes to sex. Letting you pleasure yourself atop her pretty pink painted toes is something she is willing to do, and she sees nothing at all wrong with it. It is already extremely boner inducing to see this beauty standing […]


Red Toes in Your Mouth Before Footjob

This is what it is all about right here. A sexy Japanese girl who has painted her toes red, and has no qualms about forcing you to sniff and worship her beautiful feet before stuffing those toes directly into your mouth. You can just imagine the pleasure this guy is in, having her feet all […]


Koyuki’s Japanese red toes rubbing on cock in footjob heaven

Watching this video of Koyuki Hara rubbing those perfect Japanese toes…painted sexy red…on this cock is my image of what footjob heaven must be. The best footjobs, in my opinion, are when the girl squeezes your cock tip between her toes like this. Perfect form here from Koyuki, as she slides up and down the […]


Toe sucking on her cute pink nails

Did you think the foot fun was over? Hell no, I’m just getting started! A lot of the stuff here at Asian Footjobs is from one of my favorite Japanese porn sites, Japan Legs, and this hot toe sucking video is yet another one to chalk up on their list. First, be sure to take […]


Thai teen paints her sexy toes

At Asian Footjobs we admire the cute feet of Asian girls from around the world. Introducing Thai teen sweetheart, Lily Koh, painting her sexy toes a bright shade of green for us! I love how Asian girl’s feet look with a hot shade of nail polish, don’t you? I can’t explain why, but watching a […]