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This is why I love Asian feet! (Great Video)

I know I may be preaching to the choir here, but there simply is nothing better than a pair of sexy Asian feet! I’ll admit, I’ve seen sexy feet on all girls…Latinas, Black girls, White girls, Indian girls…but in my experience, the highest percentage of perfect ones just happen […]


Asami wiggling her pretty painted Asian toes to cool off

Well, it’s been awhile since the last update, but here is a special video I wanted to share. Staring at this footage of a cute Japanese girl named Asami wiggling her feet is hot as hell. This is 5 minutes of pure foot fetish heaven as we get to […]


My Japanese nurse foot fetish

I’d like to talk a little about my Japanese nurse foot fetish… What is it about an Asian woman in a nurse uniform that’s such a turn on? Maybe it’s that we can trust them, since they take such nice care of us when we’re sick. Also, they know a lot about our bodies, and […]


Asian footjob from sexy teacher

Once again, another awesome Asian footjob video coming straight from Japan, and this time it’s from the teacher! I’m telling you, the Japanese foot fetish is a huge scene, and is it any wonder? Just look at these girls’ perfect feet. The teacher in this video wanted to tease her student, and as many Japanese […]


Japanese schoolgirl footjob porn

Remember staring at sexy girls’ feet back in High School? I sure do. Which girls had the best feet of all? You answered correctly if you said, “Asian girls.” Now check out this cute Japanese schoolgirl who’s up for just about anything. Yaya Matsushima gives this guy a tit fuck and a blowjob, but that’s […]


Thai teen paints her sexy toes

At Asian Footjobs we admire the cute feet of Asian girls from around the world. Introducing Thai teen sweetheart, Lily Koh, painting her sexy toes a bright shade of green for us! I love how Asian girl’s feet look with a hot shade of nail polish, don’t you? I can’t explain why, but watching a […]